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  • Support and encouragement from a bunch of highly motivated and enthusiastic fellow runners and walkers. This is by far the most important benefit of this club, and is probably the main reason to keep coming back.
  • Weekly club run at Victoria Point every Saturday morning, followed by good company, coffee and food at the local bakery (and a cake for your birthday!).
  • Regular training runs during the week from several locations in the Redlands.
  • Monthly 5 km time trial (last Saturday of the month) to monitor your progress.
  • Peer coaching and advice from experienced runners. There wouldn’t be a person in the club who hasn’t learned at least one thing from another member, regardless of level of experience.
  • A safe, family-friendly environment where junior members are encouraged and motivated to participate in healthy activity.
  • Access to the club’s Facebook site on which all official and ad hoc training options are listed (and more!).
  • Team registration discounts for some events (as available), and/ or coordinated race pack pick up for many events.
  • Club tent, enthusiastic supporters, and unofficial photographers, at most major events.
  • Access to the club’s merchandise – running shirts, singlets, visors, and personalised jackets.
  • Social events
  • Membership to Queensland Athletics and your entitlements (detailed information available on their web-site)
  • Personal accident insurance whilst competing and training at QA and BRW club events (see list of sanctioned runs in Members Policy) as well as access at members’ prices to all QA competitions.
  • Public Liability insurance for BRW Inc.
  • Club operating costs – audit, bank, annual incorporation, commission on QA Club fees.

Brisbane Bayside Runners & Walkers
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