Weekly Runs

Check Facebook for changes to times or routes the day before scheduled run.

These runs are open to all registered BRW members. There are currently 3 scheduled runs on Tuesdays, and 2 on Thursdays. Please make sure you bring adequate lighting gear. So that BRW stays on the community's good side, please consider the neighbours
in the early morning hours and keep the noise down.

Click on maps below to view in greater detail.



Cleveland Point (CPR)                                  

5:00 am meet outside the Lighthouse Restaurant at
Cleveland Point. Map shows 10km course, but since
it's an out and back course you can turn back at any
point. If you want a 6km run, turn around at the
corner of Masthead Drive and Bowsprit Parade.
Coffee at Brown's Bakery on Bloomfield St.


Mt Cotton (MCR)                                     

5:00 am meet
outside IGA at corner of Valley Way
and Hardwood Drive. (From
Cleveland-Redland Bay
Rd, head west
along German Church Rd, shown at
right of map.) Course is 6.8km loop.


Victoria Point Tempo Run
5:15 am meet outside the bakery on the corner of
Colburn Ave.
and Moore St. Start location marked by
white arrow on map below.
Course is 8.6 km loop,

starting with a 3.3 km warmup that takes you to the
of School Rd and Regency St. Remaining 5.3
km via Pt O'Halloran is tempo run.


Victoria Point (VPR)
, also called NKVPR (ask one of
the regulars what the NK stands for).
5:15 am meet outside the bakery on the corner of
Colburn Ave. and Moore St.
Course is 8.6 km loop.
Coffee at bakery afterwards. This run uses the same
route as
the Tuesday Victoria Point Tempo run. See
map above.

Wellington Point (WPR)
5:00am meet outside Ray's Bakery on Main Rd,
Wellington Point (opposite hotel). Map shows 10km
course, but you can shorten it by taking one of the
side streets from the coast road back to Birkdale Rd.
(Example short-cut shown in red.) Running from the

bakery out to the point and back is just under 5km.
Coffee at Tanja's just east of start point.

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