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 Regular training sessions

These sessions are open to all registered BRW members. Please make sure you bring adequate lighting gear when needed. So that BRW stays on the community's good side, please consider the neighbours in the early morning hours and keep the noise down.

Please note that in keeping with Covid restrictions the following rules apply for all training sessions:

  • Participation in club activities is a personal choice, we will all respect any individual’s decision to participate, or to not participate, at this time.

  •  A register of attendance will be kept of all participants in any organized club activity for contact tracing purposes. Names of members will be sufficient. If there are non-club members participating, their names and contact details will need to be kept. The person organizing the activity has the responsibility of taking the list of participants and forwarding it to the Club Secretary. The registers will need to be kept for 28 days.

  • Social distancing, non-contact, hand-washing, and respiratory hygiene, rules all still apply.

  • If a member feels unwell, they should not participate in any club activities and should seek appropriate medical treatment.

  • All members are encouraged to sign up to the COVID Safe App.

  • Up to 20 people may train together.

  • If more than 20 people show up, they need to be sent off in waves of no more than 20, so that we never have more than 20 around at the same time. At the end of the run, the first 20 (or at least some of them) need to “move on” before the 21st person returns.

  • Most of our sessions are followed by coffee at a local cafe or bakery as detailed below. Please note that we must comply with the maximum of 20 people “dining-in”, being respectful and conscious of other patrons. Once members have finished their drinks/ food, they need to move on. If there are 20 already dining-in (including any other patrons), the 21st  person onwards need to be satisfied with take-away, and then move-on. We must comply with any direction given by the bakery/café owner, including sign-in and seating arrangements.
Sessions are generally held rain or shine. They will be cancelled if there is a thunderstorm or some other circumstance that would make it dangerous to train. Check Facebook for changes to times or routes before scheduled session.
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Saturdays: Club Run at Victoria Point
Location:    Les Moore Park (aka Pirate Ship Park),
                   67 Wilson  Esplanade, Victoria Point
Start time:  6:00am
Length:       5 km

This is where the majority of club members run on a Saturday. Those who start early for long training runs will often include this as part of their run course.

This course can be run or walked as you wish. If you want a shorter course, just turn around earlier. We always make sure that every member is back before we head off for coffee.

Our monthly organised, recorded Time Trial has been suspended
until further notice.

Saturday club run location - Click picture for full map
Les Moore Park
Saturday 5km club run course - Click picture for large view
Club run course map

Mondays: Gary's Stretch and Strength evening session
Location:   Sel Outridge Park,
                  Redland Bay
Start time:  6:30pm

Session is focussed on form drills, strength and releasing. It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat or towel, foam roller, and trigger point ball.
Stretch and Strength location - Click picture for full map
Sel Outridge map
Tuesdays: Cleveland Point  Runners (CPR)
Location:    Meet outside The Lighthouse Restaurant,
                   237 Shore Street North, Cleveland Point
Start time:   5:00am
Length:       10 km

Map shows 10km course, but since it's an out and back course you can turn back at any point. If you want a 6 km run, turn around at the corner of Masthead Drive and Bowsprit Parade.

Coffee from 6:00am: Brown's Bakery, 48 Bloomfield St, Cleveland.
Tuesday CPR 10km course - Click picture for large view
CPR course map
Thursdays: Wellington Point  Runners (WPR)
Location:    Meet outside Ray's Bakery,
                   420 Main Rd, Wellington Point
Start time:   5:00am
Length:       10 km

Map shows 10km course, but you can shorten it by taking one of the side streets from the coast road back to Birkdale Rd. Distance from the bakery out to the Point and back is just under 5km.

Coffee from 6:00am: Tanja's Cafe, just north of start point.
Thursday WPR 10km course - Click picture for large view
WPR course
Thursdays: Victoria Point  Runners (VPR)
Location:    Oven King Bakery,
                   Cnr. Colburn Ave. and Moore St., Victoria Point
Start time:   5:00am
Length:       8.5 km

Coffee at bakery afterwards.

Thursday VPR 8.5km course - Click picture for large view
VPR map